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As you may have heard, our final show for @ Random LIVE with Ryan and Rachel was this last weekend.  We are changing gears and moving the show to a new platform. Please join us on our new home ANovelIdeaLIVE.com


The Ryan Baker Report is a daily News and Commentary program that is approximately 10 minutes in length. This report is hosted and produced by Ryan Baker. Each weekday at 10 AM MST/11 AM CST, the Report will be available for listening or downloading. Continue reading


Each week after @ (at) Random, we will pull a segment or two about items that maybe serious, informative or entertaining. Continue reading


We are Social Media happy!! Join us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates about the show, some fun stories and we might even show a picture or two. We encourage you to join us on these social networks or write us an email. We will respond. Continue reading

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